FINALLY....A Trained Actor who does his own stunts.

In 1996, After serving his country and not being happy with any profession, Greg's wife Juliana handed him an ad for Universal Studios Orlando Audition. He was instantly hired to play the Terminator in the new T2 3D live action show. From there, he jumped to all the live shows he could. Gobbling up experience and depth in a wide range of characters. From a pirate, a cowboy, a James Bond character (Jaws), a German Mechanic (Indiana Jones @ Disney MGM studios) to a thawed out Viking in Japan, he could pull it off. These 7 years of accents and languages opened up a multitude of personalities from which to draw from today.

Booking his first acting role on 'Sheena', playing 'Henry', his fire was lit. Upon moving to Los Angeles, Greg was quickly working as a stunt man who was known for his acting abilities. While doing so, he concentrated on his acting by attending workshops and regular studies. His best move was choosing to attend Howard Fine Studios and studying under Teddie Brunetti for several years. Chosen by Howard Fine and Teddie for the first ever Showcase Talent night, Greg immediately picked up representation. While always keeping his eye on the acting world and open for all things, Greg steadily worked and racked up credits. But most valuable of all, the experience of working.

Seeing the work move from California to Atlanta, Greg jumped at the chance to be closer to his family still living in Western North Carolina. He quickly bought a home in the North Georgia mountains and settled in. Still paying the bills with the occasional stunt job, Greg is finding much success in Acting.

Playing Deputy Ecklund in the hit series on Fox- 'Shots Fired' (2017) Greg was written in after his first stint on episode 5... The Producers saw his ability to control a scene and hold more than his own, writing him in 5 episodes total (even going back to establish his character in Ep 2).

Stay tuned for updates as the roles and movies are released. For work related issues, Greg can be reached through his agency listed below-


ATLANTA GEORGIA PH: 404.430.1104